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Monday, April 8, 2013

I Do not Mind it

O Friends ..............................

The world at large. The people in this world are the people who denounced, in a way that is non tulanahina .. I love the people on this world who sikheni, denounced as a learning ... But why? They are not people. They aparajana this society? I condemn it in the hole, the evil I do not know? Today it is a very lonely, alone, I am happy that I am who I hit the hay sayate, I love a bit of trouble ... This ghara the life of his beautiful ... However, she did it in self-Hide behind the .. ? Why do not you say, I recommend you Leave, so I najana phure caikare courtyard itself will cover the mainstream of the river when I saw it, but, when it merged with the currents of the sea, and all that great. However, when people think of a way hina currents of fear. He is someone who can not Kate .....
The poet says ...

If someone does not come to my sun ........

I let her alone Tobe-ray ............
I was there, I ..

Today is the day, which was the Rupali moon behind it, so it is not lost. My dream is that if you do not mind lap, the. I do not know. He will come back, I'll be in the path is covered, the day she was yaje Darkness, silence behind the silent night, I went out today and I love the Rupali, ................ .. Duckpond in which you have no compassion. I care

Saturday, February 9, 2013

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